Good photos are required for a commissioned piece of art done exclusively by me. Good resolution and/or the highest quality are best. They must be free of copyrights and/or your own photos. Fees vary according to request and depending on size. One image, two or more are priced accordingly. I work from your reference photo exclusively. The poses and the nature of the content must be present in the photo for the artwork requested. Adjustments, additions, other artistic ideas can be discussed before an agreement is reached. Every attempt is made to give you the desired results.

Quotes would be for unframed artwork unless framing is requested. Contact me for price estimates based on your photo and the size you are interested in. Shipping costs vary according to your city and state. California taxes are extra.

The samples of commissioned pieces are for advertising purposes only and in most cases, reproductions (prints) are not offered.



Prints are available for all art – The exception is the commissioned pieces due to their personal nature.

These prints are called GICLEES (gee-clays). They are of museum quality and reproduced professionally on fine art acid-free paper. This printing guarantees the type of printing ink used to resist fading and of the finest quality. All prints are signed and numbered by me. A certificate of guarantee is included with every GICLEE.

Prints are available by request in different sizes and priced accordingly. Basic starting sizes – 9 x 12, 10 x 14, 11 x 16 are $75 including shipping and taxes. Prices and sizes larger vary according to size requested.

All images can be transferred onto self-framed canvas and onto things like flat textured wood. The benefit is these do not usually need additional framing and are very attractive. Prices vary according to size. These specialty items start at approximately $100, plus taxes and shipping.



There are cards available for some but not all of the African and North American art pieces. Most of the PRINTS will have greeting cards available. All cards are printed by a professional printer and are $3.00 each, minimum order of 3. Tax and postage extra, not included in this price. Discounts considered for larger orders.

Cards can be printed in large orders as well as for any art pieces that are not offered currently. This inventory is added to quite often and will be included on this page appropriately. If you see something you like for a special order do not hesitate to inquire on the contact page.

Greeting cards are 5 x 7
Notecards are 3 x 5


Do you still have questions about any art orders or custom commissioned pieces?
Contact Susan for a more personal quote and process breakdown.